CEO Speaks

Mr. Anand Aras - CEO

Dear Readers,
It gives me great pleasure in sharing with you my thoughts after the major exercise of demonetization in our country in November 2016. It was indeed an excellent example of coordination and cooperation between banks and their customers in the process of implementation of a major decision of our Government. No doubt the demonetization exercise has been of considerable importance to all and much discussion had already taken place on this topic. I would like to place on record our acknowledgement of the exemplary customer service provided by our member banks during the November-December 2016 period. I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few developments that have taken place at BCSBI during the last quarter.

We have come out with a pictorial representation of “Basic Customer Rights” contained in the “Code of Bank’s Commitment to Customers”. These have been brought out in a simple pictorial form which should be an easy read to common customers of banks. Copies of these have been sent to all Public Sector and Private Sector Banks. We sincerely urge the banks to take steps to reprint more copies of these and popularize this publication.

Our Code Compliance Survey of select 51 member banks has now been completed. The individual analysis and rating of these banks has been shared with the concerned Banks. We have hosted the same on our website under “BCSBI Code Compliance rating”.

I wish to invite your attention on our revamped Newsletter Customer Matters, the January-March 2017 issue of which is hosted on our website. We have attempted to make this much more customer focused than before with the inclusion of a guest column and citing of some grievance cases which will be of interest to our readers. We will be inviting Guest Writers specialised in their respective fields to contribute articles for the benefit of our esteemed readers. We are grateful to Dr SS Banerjee, Executive Director, IDBI Bank who has written an engrossing article on how Digitisation Security features will add to better and safer customer service. Readers will easily connect with it. This issue is also packaged with our other regular features, news items, theme of the quarter and we hope it should keep you engaged.

Before I sign off, may I appeal to you to please write to us with feedback on the new initiatives taken. Also, suggestions on improving our Newsletter as well as contributions are most welcome.


(Anand Aras)

Chief Executive Officer

April 27, 2017